Did you know that the CO’s bargaining team has proposed dramatically reducing shared governance structures?

It has become evident during current contract negotiations that the Chancellor wants to limit the power of faculty in several ways. One way is reduce our input on faculty evaluations and appointments. Faculty governance has always been very important, but tenuous in the CSU, with ultimate decision making occurring at the level of the President. But faculty have a say in the evaluation procedures of faculty in each department. Faculty also have a lot of input into who is hired. These faculty contributions are in jeopardy, now.

The Chancellor wants hiring to be based on the needs of the university, as determined by the administration. This threatens both the normal process of entitlement for lecturers and hiring into the tenure line. Without the input provided by faculty in hiring and evaluation, we lose the checks and balances we currently have, and are more likely to be governed by the bottom line. The CFA bargaining team is battling hard to hold onto faculty governance and fairness in the CSU, and the battle may be long and difficult.

We will keep you informed as bargaining continues. A weekly post will focus, one at a time, on individual issues. While it is not our intention to frighten you, it is important that faculty realize what is at stake during these negotiations.