Equity program for salary relief to 3,000 CSU faculty gets early start at Chico

Equity Pay Year Two

Letters went out late last week to faculty members at Chico who have waited many years for the second phase of the Equity Program (first negotiated in 2007) to be fulfilled.

CFA President Lillian Taiz said, “CFA applauds Chico State president Paul Zingg for being the first campus president to proceed with the next phase of these long awaited — and much-needed — salary adjustments.”

In the faculty contract ratified in 2007, CFA negotiated a two-year Equity Pay program to address some of the flaws in the faculty pay scale. The first year of the program was implemented and helped thousands of faculty members. A second year, known as “Equity Pay Year 2,” was to have been implemented in 2008/09 but, citing budget cuts, the previous chancellor refused to fund any negotiated raises.

In February, CFA was pleased to see Chancellor Timothy White announce the intent to fully implement Equity 2 systemwide if the 2013/14 state budget includes a funding increase for the CSU. Notably, President Zingg’s action implements Equity Pay Year 2 at Chico regardless of the budget outcome.

When completed on all campuses, the adjustments will provide salary relief to nearly 3,000 CSU faculty members who were affected by salary inversion.

Pay inversion happens when newly hired faculty receive higher starting salaries than faculty who have been teaching in the CSU for years.

While we are pleased at this development, many problems remain and have worsened in recent years. To resolve these problems in the long term, the CSU needs new equity pay programs, a commitment to providing SSIs, and general salary increases.

“CFA is pleased to see President Zingg implement Equity Pay 2 at Chico.  It is a result of a strong contract and a faculty determined to enforce that contract,” said CFA President Lillian Taiz.

She continued, “While the salary relief provided to this small group of faculty is much needed, there are still tens of thousands of faculty and staff who have sacrificed to help the university in tough times and have not received increases for many years.”