Fact-Finding report is released
Home Run for the faculty

The neutral Fact-Finder has issued her recommendations and findings in our effort to gain a 5 percent raise for all faculty members for 2015-16, plus a 2.65 percent SSI for all eligible faculty.  The result is a home run for the faculty: vindication of CFA’s salary proposal and of our contention that the CSU can afford the pay raise. 

Fact-Finder Bonnie Castrey, referring to general salary increases (GSIs) and step increases [SSIs], wrote, “A substantial GSI as well as SSIs to the 43% of faculty who have not had them, . . . is in the interest of students, who need caring faculty and certainly in the public interest as our country needs a well-educated population.”

Recommendations from the Fact-Finder

Castrey’s report is non-binding, but carries significant weight.  She made four main recommendations:

1) Increase faculty pay with a General Salary Increase of 5% in THIS contract year (that is, 2015-16).

2) Provide Service Step Increases to the faculty who are eligible, equal to about 43% of the entire faculty.  

3) Continue to study the faculty salary issue. Develop a list, agreeable to both sides, of comparable universities that award bachelor’s and master’s degrees and do a comparison using available AAUP data and including a cost-of-living comparison.

4) Develop a joint strategy and documentation to go to the California Legislature and the Governor to seek the needed state funding for the CSU budget.

Castrey was clear in her report that the CSU can and should pay these raises in this current contract (fiscal) year.  She recommended, for example, that “monies should be reallocated from other projects.”

CFA Statewide president Jennifer Eagan said, “For more than nine months, we have argued at the bargaining table that this package would benefit not just the faculty, but the students we teach as well.  The fact-finder agreed with us here, too, and states that this package ‘is in the interest of students, who need caring faculty and certainly in the public interest as our country needs a well-educated population.’”

Next steps

CFA leaders from every campus will travel to Sacramento on March 30 to meet with legislators and make them aware of the Fact-Finding report.  We will be pressing our case so that legislators, in turn, put pressure on the Chancellor.  Short of a settlement, our next step will be to strike, beginning on Wednesday, April 13.

Read the full Fact-Finding report

With the release of the Fact-Finding report, it is time for some of our nay-saying local administrators to acknowledge what we have been saying all along: that CFA’s salary proposal is fair and affordable.  We encourage you to read the full Fact-Finding report at: