Fact-Finding Update

We wish to provide you an update on where things stand with Fact-Finding in the dispute over faculty pay for 2015-16, what to expect over the next two weeks, and an assessment of the likelihood of a strike.

If we do not stand in support of the strike, it will be far more difficult for us to bargain with the CSU from a position of strength.  Negotiating raises, protecting our benefits, protecting Tenure rights and Lecturer rights, will be in jeopardy in future contract bargaining.  (As recently as 2011-12, both Tenure and Lecturer rights came under attack from Chancellor Reed.)  Our ability to protect the integrity of our profession through our contract is at stake. This means that we need maximum faculty participation in honoring the strike.

Fact-Finding Report

We expect to receive the report from the neutral third-party Fact-Finder soon, probably within the next week.  At that point, the statutory bargaining process requires that there be a 10-day “blackout” period; during this time, the contents of the report remain confidential while the two sides consider the Fact-Finder’s recommendations.  After the conclusion of the 10-day “blackout” period, we have the right to go on strike.

Unfortunately, we have received no indication that the CSU administration intends to settle this dispute short of a strike.  Our proposal for a 5 percent raise for all faculty members (plus a 2.65 percent SSI for all eligible) is fair and affordable.  It is in line with increases that K-12 educators have been receiving, and modest compared to increases that other higher education faculty have received.  Yet, we are faced with a Chancellor who has refused to budge in the face of overwhelming data.  Our choice is to fold or to fight.

Likelihood of a strike

As much as we would all like to see a negotiated settlement, given that the Chancellor has refused to provide even a single counter-proposal throughout the bargaining process, the expectation at this point is that it will be necessary to proceed to strike.  And as noted above, our ability to negotiate effectively in the future hinges on our ability to stand up now in support of a strike.

We will be sure to let you know when we receive the Fact-Finder’s report.