Faculty: California budget up but funding is not enough

In regard to funding for the California State University that is contained in the 2014/15 state budget adopted today, CFA Vice President Kim Geron said on behalf of the California Faculty Association:

“The California Faculty Association is deeply disappointed that the Legislature and Gov. Brown did not provide a larger increase in 2014/15 state funding to the 23-campus California State University system.

“Our public university has been rocked by years of funding cuts amounting to some $1 billion. We lost faculty and staff, and so many class offerings have been slashed we are not meeting the educational needs of our students. It is taking students longer to graduate and that is exacerbating student debt.

“Meantime, we have denied college access to thousands of students who are eligible.

“It’s shocking that California is allowing our higher education system to fall behind. And, it hurts to know that soon we will be short of people with college degrees exactly when our economy and society need them.

“Thousands of people from our campus communities pressed the governor and legislature over the past months to step up the rebuild of the CSU. We did not get that today.

“But this is too important to give up and we will be back, speaking out for public higher education, for our students, and for the future of California.”

Watch future editions of CFA Headlines for more detail as CFA analyzes the state budget.