Faculty contract remains unsettled

The California Faculty Association and CSU management met again last week to negotiate our contract, but after two days of bargaining in Sacramento, we remain at odds over how to reach a settlement.

While the Chancellor’s team continues to claim a deep understanding and compassion for the suffering of our members, management refuses to budge on what it is willing to do. The Chancellor and his team would leave it to individual campus presidents to address salary issues as they see fit, with no direction from the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The Chancellor’s proposal remains an inadequate one, which would leave faculty right back where we started, instead of setting us on the road to health. We would end up facing the same problems of inversion, exacerbated by the inability to progress through the ranks and ranges.

CFA members have been very clear—any resolution to the contract must include progression along with fixes to inversion compression and misclassification. In the CSU, we achieve progression through Service Salary Increases (SSIs). It is the lack of these SSIs that have contributed to the unhealthy salary structure from which we currently suffer.

The facts are simple: the Chancellor’s proposal just isn’t enough. Where we go from here is unclear at this time, but we remain hopeful that in time, we can reach an agreement that will provide a contract for the faculty that sets us on a path to recovery, instead of down a road to failure.

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