Faculty Salary Equity Pay
CFA calls for new round of Faculty Equity Pay

CFA is beginning a push for a new round of Faculty Salary Equity Pay for all SDSU faculty members.  Since we will all need to work together in order to achieve this, we want to ask for your participation in this effort.

What is Faculty Salary Equity Pay?

Our faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement provides the authority for a campus-based Salary Equity program.  It can address inequities such as inversion (when new hires are brought in at higher rates of pay than longer-term faculty) and salary compression (an experience penalty against long-term faculty at the top of their salary ladder who are not eligible for progression).  In addition to increases to address inversion and compression, CFA’s position is that ALL faculty members at SDSU should receive an Equity increase to keep up with pay at comparable institutions.

SDSU can afford a Faculty Salary Equity Pay program

In the years since the last Equity program, SDSU completed a $750 million capital fundraising campaign, and in that time, new salary inequities have been created and existing salary inequities have grown worse.  And, of course, SDSU is currently highlighting its financial strength as it commits to provide financial resources for an “SDSU West” campus.  These factors demonstrate that our proposal for Faculty Salary Equity Pay is both timely and something that the university can afford.

How you can help

Over the next week, you will receive a petition from CFA, in support of a new Faculty Salary Equity Pay program, in your department mailbox.  It’s important to show, in a tangible way, that we are unified as a faculty union and willing to stand up for Equity Pay.  When you receive the petition, please add your name and return it to the CFA office via campus mail or in person (we’re in Education 106).

We look forward to our efforts together to achieve a new Faculty Salary Equity Pay program.