Faculty Salary Equity Program
CFA asks SDSU to act now

Our campus CFA chapter has made a formal request to President Hirshman that he begin a process to institute a salary equity program for faculty members on our campus.

As we all know, pay raises for Unit 3 faculty members are long overdue.  In addition, faculty members are experiencing salary inversion, compression, and other compensation-related inequities.  These salary inequities make it more difficult for our campus to attract and retain faculty members, impacting the quality of education that the university can offer to our students.  The recent modest increase that CFA negotiated in “re-opener” bargaining is a small down payment on addressing these salary issues.  (The “re-opener” increase, retroactive to July, should appear on our December 1 pay statements.) 

The current CFA-CSU Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) contains provisions that allow SDSU to address salary inequities and provide faculty salary increases now.  In other words, the campus administration has the authority — right now — to address salary inequities and provide salary increases.

In a letter to President Hirshman, CFA has asked that he initiate the process of creating a campus-based salary equity program, in consultation with CFA.  We are ready to meet with the administration to develop criteria and procedures for such a program. 

Our current contract expires on June 30, 2014.  “Successor” bargaining for our next contract will be underway shortly.  It’s important to note that CFA’s request to President Hirshman for a campus salary equity program is based on provisions in our current contract.

We will be sure to keep you updated on President Hirshman’s response to CFA’s request for an SDSU faculty salary equity program.