Fall 2015

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The Fight for Five!

Report from the chair of CFA’s Bargaining Team: The faculty take a stand for respect for our work, for fair pay, and to preserve the CSU’s primary mission to teach students

President’s Column: ‘Solidarity as Fidelity’ to our students and our disciplines

Roses don’t pay the bills: Faculty who have won awards for teaching innovation address the CSU Board of Trustees on the need for fair pay

POSTER FOR YOUR DOOR: “We Can Do It: Educate Students, Honor Faculty. Elevate California. By Favianna Rodriguez

Building Power: Becoming a CFA member, and helping other faculty become CFA members, is one way you show your support for fair pay and respect

Legislation: The third time is the charm for a CFA-sponsored bill

Council for Affirmative Action: In “The Demonization of Difference” three faculty leaders issue a call to action in advance of the 2016 CFA Equity Conference

Academic Senate Report & a response from one Academic Senator to moves away from treating the CSU as a public good

Remembering John Hess


COVER PHOTO: Lisa Kawamura (Communications, SLO), the Affirmative Action Rep for the San Luis Obispo CFA Chapter, distributed stickers for fairness as faculty entered convocation at the start of the Academic Year. The Dominguez Hills CFA Chapter turned out at a visit to campus by Chancellor Timothy White with banners and tough questions about the CSU system’s spending priorities.