Fight for Five Strike Strategy meeting
Strike Plan discussion on Feb 8

At our Fight for Five meeting on Monday, February 8 (12:00-12:30pm), in Nelson Hall East 106, we will discuss the specific plan for a Faculty Strike this semester.

CFA’s Board of Directors meets this weekend and will determine a strike plan.  (Faculty members voted last October — with a 94.4% YES vote — to authorize the Board of Directors to initiate job actions, up to and including strike.)  We will share and discuss the Board’s decision at our Monday meeting.


Fight for Five Strike Strategy meeting

Monday, February 8


Nelson Hall East 106


Fight for Five strategy meetings: Every Monday at 12:00 

All faculty members are welcome to join us every Monday (12:00-12:30pm, in Nelson Hall East 106) for Fight for Five strategy meetings. These meetings are important as we build momentum toward a strike this semester. 

Lunch is sponsored each week by CFA, and for our planning purposes, please let us know if you would like to attend.