Food Bank Resolution
September 27, 2016

Whereas more than 300 colleges across the country have food pantries for their students; 

Whereas a recent survey found one in five U.C. students experienced food insecurity;

Whereas U.C. President Janet Napolitano immediately allocated over $3 million for food pantries for U.C. students; 

Whereas San Francisco State students have an equal if not greater need than U.C. students for a food pantry; 

Whereas the San Francisco State bookstore has offered to provide $9000 for a food pantry here on campus; 

Whereas the San Francisco State California Faculty Association has already voted to donate $2000 to a food pantry here; and

Whereas students cannot do their best work while struggling with food insecurity;

Resolved, the San Francisco State California Faculty Assoc. Executive Board endorses the proposal for a food pantry here and urges President Wong to establish a food pantry immediately.

Adopted by the California Faculty Association-SFSU Executive Board on September 13, 2016