Food Distribution for our Students
Spring 2020 dates


The Stanislaus CFA Chapter made it possible to distribute food boxes to hungry students in need twice a month.

Below are the dates and locations students can pick up food boxes.  Please share these dates with your students!

January 29th – Quad

February 11th – Student Services

February 26th – Quad

March 3rd – Student Services

March 18th – Quad

April 7th – Student Services

April 22nd – Quad

May 5th – Student Services

May 13th – Quad

Stanislaus CFA President Steven Filling reports:

“Last year CFA Stanislaus made the founding donation for the Stanislaus Campus Cares Fund, which provides both funding for the campus student food pantry and a student emergency loan fund.

“This year, CFA Stanislaus is augmenting that donation by providing resources to enable our local food bank, United Samaritans Foundation, to prepare and distribute boxes of food to our students. 

“Twice each month, the Foundation will provide 50 food boxes to hungry Stanislaus students. At the September events, all food boxes were distributed within 30 minutes; students who didn’t receive a food box were invited to the Warrior Food Pantry so that nobody left empty-handed. 

“We are very proud of this project, which epitomizes our commitment to the well-being as well as the education of our students.”