ICE and your rights

The following is information from the National Immigration Law Center, which was included a presentation by the Dolores Huerta Labor Institute.

If ICE comes to your home:
  • Do NOT open the door. 
  • Through the CLOSED door:
  • Ask the officer to identify himself. 
  • “Who are you with?” or “What agency are you with?” 
Ask to see a warrant
  • Ask them to slip it under the door.
  • Look for your name, address, and a signature from a judge.
  • If the warrant is issued by a court and authorizes a search of your house, you should let the officers in. 
    *See example below

  • If it is issued by ICE, you have the right to NOT let the officers in.
    *See example below

  • If the warrant authorized your arrest, but not a search of the home, step outside to meet the officers and close the door behind you. Do not let them in your house. Once inside, they can question anyone else present. 
Don’t sign documents
  • You do not have to sign papers that you do not understand. Wait until you talk to a lawyer. 
  • Do not let someone pressure you into signing papers.