Jonathan Karpf to CSU Trustees: Approach Lecturer Range Elevation negotiations in good faith
Statement to CSU Board of Trustees

The following is a statement by Jonathan Karpf, CFA’s Associate Vice President of Lecturers North, to the CSU Board of Trustees during the May 24-25 meeting in Long Beach.

Good morning. My name is Jonathan Karpf. I’ve been a Lecturer at San Jose State University since 1987 in the Department of Anthropology, the CFA AVP of Lecturers-North since 2009, and a member of the bargaining team since 2007.

Today you will take a ratification vote on the Tentative Agreement with the CSU faculty that the faculty have already ratified overwhelmingly. Like my colleague, I also urge you to affirm this tentative agreement because it is in the best interest of the CSU Board of trustees, the CSU faculty, the CSU students, and the state of California.

I also urge you to take the only unfinished aspect of that tentative agreement seriously when the working group – of which I’m a member – meets to hammer out the details of disarticulating SSI raises from Lecturer Range Elevation eligibility.

As our Chancellor, Tim White, came to realize in the reopener bargaining that settled our incipient strike, the CBA language governing the eligibility requirements for a Lecturer to even apply for movement from one salary scale to another is a Catch 22. This is because, like our tenure-line colleagues, we need to be in our salary range for at least 5 years in order to apply for range elevation. But unlike our tenure-line colleagues, our FT base salary ALSO needs to be at the SSI maximum of our current salary range in order to apply. And the only raise that moves an individual faculty member’s base salary within his or her salary range is an SSI; GSIs shift the salary minima, the SSI maxima, and the salary maxima of each salary range up by the same percentage as the GSI raise that is implemented.

Therefore, the lack of SSIs since 2007-2008 has hurt all unit 3 members, and their absence for so long as led to the widespread salary inversions of both tenure-line and Lecturer faculty that severely undermines faculty morale. But their absence has doubly hurt the 60% of the faculty by headcount who are Lecturers, because it has led to all of us being trapped in the same salary scale we were in 10 years ago.

So I urge you to approach our upcoming bargaining later this summer in good faith. With this Tentative Agreement we have turned a corner, and the future holds great promise of labor peace and collaboration between the Chancellor’s Office and the CFA in seeking to restore adequate funding to the CSU. Please don’t squander the good will that has been created.