Just in time for the holidays: Raises hit paychecks

Faculty members should notice a slight bump in take-home pay this week as General Salary Increases were scheduled to be included in Dec. 1 paychecks.

The amount, negotiated last summer between CFA and CSU management, is about $960 per year ($80 per month). It will be paid retroactively.

The salary increase applies to all faculty members, including tenure track, lecturers, librarians, coaches and counselors. Extension work, which has a separate funding mechanism, is not included in this increase. It is our understanding that some special payroll programming will be needed, especially for those who were not on payroll last summer. This may delay the raise for some people.

Most members are reporting that the raises went through. If the increase was not included in your paycheck, please contact your campus payroll office.

For more information on the increase, click here.