Letter to President Roush
CFA calls for new round of Faculty Equity Pay

In a letter delivered last week to President Roush, CFA asks that we begin formal discussions as soon as possible regarding a Faculty Salary Equity Pay program for all SDSU faculty members.  You can view the letter to President Roush at this link:

Add your name to the petition

All faculty members should have received a petition from CFA, in support of a new Faculty Salary Equity Pay program, in department mailboxes in the week before the break.  It’s important to show, in a tangible way, that we are unified as a faculty union and willing to stand up for Equity Pay.  Please add your name to the petition and return it to the CFA office via campus mail or in person to Education 106.  

What we are asking for in a Faculty Salary Equity Pay program

CFA is advocating for a Faculty Salary Equity Pay program that includes three key elements:

1) It encompasses ALL Unit 3 faculty members at SDSU, including all Coaches, Counselors, Lecturers, Librarians, and Tenure-line faculty members; 

2) It addresses salary inversion (when new hires are brought in at higher rates of pay than longer-term faculty) and salary compression (an experience penalty against long- term faculty at the top of their salary ladder who are not eligible for progression); and,

3) It provides an increase for ALL faculty members at SDSU to keep up with pay at comparable institutions.

Our faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement provides the authority for a campus- based Salary Equity program, so this is something that is within the power of our campus administration to do.  It’s also a program that SDSU can afford.  We will all need to work together in order to convince the administration to take this step, so your participation in this effort is important.

We will be sure to let you know when we receive a response from President Roush to our letter.