“Every day I canvass, I'm doing it for women like my mother..."

Measure WW on the Long Beach City ballot would protect hotel workers from sexual harassment, abuse and assault. Gary Hytrek, the CFA Chapter’s Political Action Chair, says “Measure WW empowers Working Women and puts Long Beach on the right side of history. The people of Long Beach must stand up for justice; physical and sexual abuse have NO place in our city.” 

Hytek urges faculty to canvass for the bill.  You can find out about volunteer opportunities here.  If you want to learn more about Measure WW, you can do so here.

CSU Long Beach student Ruby Pacheco, whose own mother was disabled doing manual work, learned about Measure WW through a class assignment. Since then she has campaigned for it all out.

“Growing up I rarely saw my mom because she worked day and night and would only come home to sleep before her next shift. Her health deteriorated at a fast pace, by the time I was in sixth grade my brother and I had to drop out of school to work because my mother fell ill and was incapacitated. I returned to school a year later but my brother could not because someone had to provide for the house. I began my journey canvasing for measure WW with the Long Beach Coalition for Good Jobs and a Healthy Community as part of a school assignment. Now that I know what measure WW would do for working women, I just have to support it. People are not commodities and working men and women are often exploited to maximize profits. Every day I canvass I’m doing it for women like my mother who is unable to work now and is considered disabled after two knee surgeries. I am doing it for them and their children.”

Ruby, together with fellow students Segnide Guidimadjegbe, Justin Tsuji, Melissa Mejia and Michelle Renteria have volunteered over 100 hours on Measure WW.  Please join them to take this important measure across the finish line.