Maritime Academy cruise faculty sign three-year memorandum guaranteeing 6% over three years

CFA members at the California Maritime Academy (CMA) have successfully negotiated a side letter to the Unit 3: Faculty contract (also known as a Memorandum of Understanding or MOU) for faculty members who serve on the Academy’s annual training cruise.

Training cruise faculty—who currently get 23% above CMA academic year faculty—will get raises of 2 percent per year for three years, starting August 1, 2014. These raises are irrespective of whatever raises may come out of the current CFA/CSU Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations.

Improvements in working conditions were also negotiated.

Training cruise faculty are required to be at sea on the Academy’s training vessel, the Golden Bear, for 65 straight days every summer, as well as teaching the regular academic year at the Academy.

On cruise they are required to teach classes, stand watches and be responsible on a 24/7 basis for 150 – 200 students while on board the ship and in port.  Training cruise faculty must maintain Coast Guard licenses permitting them to serve as officers aboard an ocean going ship, as well as having the academic qualifications for CSU faculty.

 “It may sound glamorous being on a cruise in the Pacific but it’s a lot of work and responsibility sometimes under dangerous conditions,” says Chapter President Scott Saarheim, one of the approximately 25 cruise faculty.  “We’re away from our homes and families for nine and a half weeks, and after stagnant training cruise pay for almost a decade, this new MOU will help us attract the qualified applicants we need for this important program.”