Negotiations continue between CFA, CSU administration

Bargaining Update

In the two days following the CSU Board of Trustees meeting, CFA’s Bargaining Team met with the CSU administration on March 27 and 28 at the Chancellors Office and continued its work toward negotiating a fair contract.

CFA introduced issues around extended education, and continued discussions on appointment and evaluation.

There are 15 more meetings scheduled before the contract expires June 30. CFA plans to have all of its issues before management by early May. 

“The work is exhausting, but it really is a sign of how dedicated the bargaining team is and how committed we all are to securing a fair contract,” said bargaining team member Molly Talcott, who teaches at Cal State Los Angeles.

This week’s negotiations also come on the heels of the launch of our 100-Day Contract Countdown. The Countdown highlights our contract’s June 30th expiration. We urge members to support the efforts of our bargaining team by putting the Countdown Calendar sign on your door. Click here to download a PDF of the sign.

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