October 2019 CFA-SFSU Resolution on the Study Abroad Program in Palestine

The CFA-SFSU faculty chapter is greatly concerned that the Study Abroad Program in Palestine was cancelled for administrative reasons.

We believe that cancelling study abroad programs with clear student interest is a violation of students’ academic freedom, and in this particular case, because
Palestine has become a “danger zone” for free speech and academic freedom, we are afraid that cancelling this program also negatively affects students and faculty’s rights. 

We are further concerned that the current targeting of this study abroad program, organized by the Arab Muslims Ethnicities and Diasporas program and Prof. Abdulhadi, applies different and more restrictive administrative criteria to study aboard, and is the result of a persistent campaign of hate and harassment against Arab, Muslim and Palestinian faculty and students on our campus conducted by groups like the Lawfare Project, Amcha Initiative, and the Horowitz Freedom Center.

Finally, we object to the growing number of administrative burdens placed on this program. This creates an unreasonable increase in workload and demoralizes in the faculty involved in the project.

We ask, once again, that the SFSU administration publicly declares its support for the AMED program, and hires the two additional tenure track lines for the program -  as promised in 2007, and reasserts the institutional academic link it has established with universities in Palestine which has resulted in the study abroad program.

We also ask the university to reverse its decision to cancel the trip and reinstate the study abroad program as soon as possible because it is our understanding that all the paperwork has been properly filed. We strongly believe that it is the obligation of the administration to ensure our students’ academic freedom as well as their full intellectual and human development.

San Francisco State University CFA Chapter Executive Board, October 1st 2019