Post-Capitalism Conference April 22-25

Dear Colleagues,


Join your CFA and HSU community for The Post Capitalism Conference: Building a Solidarity Economy April 22-25.


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Anchored by: Humboldt State University Native American Studies, Politics, Sociology and Environmental Studies Departments; Cooperation Humboldt; New York Ecosocialist Forum; and Humboldt State University – California Faculty Association, UCSB EJ/CJ Hub

Co-Sponsored by: California Progressive Alliance, Eco Vista, Green Eco-Socialist Network, Socialism and Democracy, US Solidarity Economy Network, New Economy Coalition, People’s Strike, PICOC, Transition US.


About: Join this virtual convening of folks engaged in transformational social change to create an explicitly post-capitalist society using the Solidarity Economy framework, grounded in the core principles of:

• Solidarity, cooperation, mutualism

• Equity in all dimensions–race/ethnicity/nationality, class/gender/sexual orientation

• Participatory democracy

• Sustainability


The four days will be filled with concrete, practical solutions: Public Banking, Participatory Budgeting, Community Land Trusts, Worker-Owned Cooperatives, Democratized Energy production and Distribution, and more!


Panels: The conference will offer 21 sessions facilitated by movement leaders, practitioners and scholars. Panelists include Cooperation Humboldt leaders David Cobb, Marina Lopez, Oscar Mogollon, Ruthi Engelke, Sabrina Miller, Tamara McFarland, and Tobin McKee.


But wait, there’s more! 


They will be joined by other local progressive leaders: Ted Hernandez and Michelle Vassel (Wiyot Tribe), Dominic CorvaKaitlin Reed, Leslie Rossman, Marisol Ruiz, Tony Silvaggio, Bri Hagen, Nicola Walters (Humboldt State professors), Evie Ferreira (Potawot Community Food Garden),  Leila Roberts (SBDC).


National progressive luminaries panelists include: Rick Wolff (Democracy at Work), Emily Kawano, (US Solidarity Economy Network), Chase Iron Eyes (Last Real Indians), Nati Linares (New Economy Coalition), Kali Akuno (Cooperation Jackson), David Korten (Yes! Magazine), Margaret Kimberly (Black Agenda Report), Mike Strode (Koala Nut Collaborative), Trinity Tran (Public Banking Alliance), Ramon Tores (Cooperativa Tierra y Libertad), and more!


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