Priorities in bargaining our next contract
CFA Bargaining Survey available through December 1

CFA needs your input to determine the priorities that we should pursue for our next faculty contract.  

We have a short, anonymous CFA Bargaining Survey that we would like you to complete:

Salary gains in our recent bargaining

Our most recent round of contract bargaining concluded just a few months ago, of course.  That negotiation was a “reopener” that focused on salary.  Our gains included a 10.5 percent general salary increase for all faculty members, plus a 2.65 percent step increase for those eligible.  (We received the first installments of the increases — a total of 7 percent – this past June 30 / July 1.  Another 3.5 percent increase will be applied on July 1, 2017.)  This great result was possible because of the willingness of the vast majority of the faculty to stand up and stand together.

Importance of the CFA Bargaining Survey

Bargaining is scheduled to begin July 1, 2017 for our next faculty contract.  That means that we are beginning the process now of developing bargaining positions.

The CFA Bargaining Survey is important because it lets our CFA Bargaining Team know which issues are most important to faculty members.  It also helps to give weight to our positions at the bargaining table when we can assert, with data, that our positions are areas of great concern to the faculty.

Please do fill out the questionnaire to let us know your priorities for our next faculty contract: