Dedication + Education = Poverty?


Brave New Films in connection with the New Faculty Majority produced a short film documenting adjunct professors. What the film shows will astound you. As unbelievable as it sounds, the film highlights two adjucnt professors who are living in poverty. Professors with PHD’s! As Brave New Films qoutes on their website:

“An average of 51% of faculty are adjunct or teaching on a part-time only basis. 31% of adjuncts live near or below poverty levels and many are forced to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet. Astonishingly, some teachers make as little as $12,000 annually; meanwhile college presidents make an average salary of over $400,000. Not to mention, tuition has risen twice the rate of inflation. The corporate model is destroying the integrity of our academic institutions. This has to change. Help us fight for adjuncts and for their right to decent living wages.”

It’s shameful and disheartening to think that the pursuit of higher education, the challenges of paying student loans, the dedication and hard work put into education may really not be as valuable as it should. And how can it, in education systems where administrators make six figures, yet the people providing the education are barely surviving. Brave New Films has started a petition demanding that colleges and universities prioritize adjunct professors. If you would like to sign this petition please click on the link below: