Progress on Salary Equity program

We have positive progress to report in CFA’s push for a new round of Faculty Salary Equity Pay for all SDSU faculty members.

As you know, we began our push for Salary Equity Pay this past Spring, making a formal request of Interim President Sally Roush.  We met with President Roush to explain the necessity of Equity Pay and collected petition signatures from hundreds of SDSU faculty members to show the resolve of the faculty.  This resulted in a commitment from President Roush to “initiate discussions” on an Equity program, an important first step.

In meetings with President De La Torre this summer, she went even further, supporting CFA’s call for Equity increases and asking Provost Johnson to meet with CFA to discuss the criteria that might be applied in such a program.

These are great developments and CFA is appreciative of President De La Torre’s good faith in working with CFA on this issue.  But what really got the ball rolling was our work together as a faculty in our faculty union.  Thank you to the hundreds of faculty members who added their names to the petition in support of our Salary Equity Pay plan.  It’s always important to show, in a tangible way, that we are unified as a faculty union and willing to stand up for what is fair.

What is Faculty Salary Equity Pay?
Our faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement provides the authority for a campus- based Salary Equity program.  It can address inequities such as inversion (when new hires are brought in at higher rates of pay than longer-term faculty) and salary compression (an experience penalty against long-term faculty at the top of their salary ladder who are not eligible for progression).  In addition to increases to address inversion and compression, CFA’s position is that ALL faculty members at SDSU should receive an Equity increase to keep up with pay at comparable institutions.

We will keep you updated on our progress, and look forward to our efforts together on this and other issues.