Prop. 30 facts

After years of cuts, California’s public schools, universities, and public safety services are at the breaking point. It’s time to take a stand and get California back on track. Governor Brown’s plan reduces the deficit while protecting essential services.

Prop. 30, the Schools & Safety Protection Act, is the only initiative that will protect school and safety funding and help address the state’s chronic budget mess.

FACT: Prop. 30 prevents deep school & college cuts

  • Without Prop. 30, our schools and colleges face an additional $6 billion in cuts this year. Those cuts include a $500 million reduction in funding to the UC and CSU systems.
  • • Prop 30 is the only initiative that prevents those cuts and provides billions in new funding for our schools starting this year – money local schools need to reduce class sizes, restore science, history and art classes and rehire teachers.
  • Prop. 30 protects UC and CSU students and their families from steeper tuition hikes this year.

“The future of education is bleak if the tax hike fails.”
Jack Scott, California Community Colleges Chancellor,
– Los Angeles Times, 07/18/12

FACT: Prop. 30 helps balance the budget

  • Prop. 30 is the next, critical step to addressing the state’s chronic budget mess.
  • Because Prop. 30 works within the framework of the state budget to pay down the debt, Prop. 30 is the only initiative that helps balance the budget and prevents more devastating cuts to services for seniors, working families and small businesses.

“Our state budget problem was built up over a decade, and it won’t be fixed overnight. These temporary increases will ensure funding for our schools until the economy improves.” – Jerry Brown, AP, 06/28/12

FACT: Prop. 30 asks the wealthiest to pay their fair share

  • The plan temporarily raises the income tax on high earners, asking the wealthiest Californians to pay up to 3% more on their income taxes for seven years.
  • Families making below $500,000 a year will pay no additional income taxes.
  • The plan raises the sales tax a quarter of one percent for four years – to a level still lower than it was less than a year ago.

“In 1980, the top 1% of earners reaped 10.4% of the state’s personal income. By 2010, according to newly released figures, their share had grown to 21.3%.” – Los Angeles Times, 05/21/12

FACT: Prop. 30 protects taxpayers

  • All new revenue is temporary and this initiative cannot be modified without a vote of the people. The very highest earners will pay more for seven years. The sales tax provision will be in effect for four years.
  • Under Prop. 30, money raised for schools is directed into a special fund for public schools that the legislature can’t touch.
  • Annual audits will insure Prop. 30 funds raised for schools are only spent on schools. No money can be used for administration.
  • Every one dollar of revenue raised by Prop. 30 is balanced by three dollars in cuts under Gov. Brown’s plan.