Protection against retaliation for engaging in a strike

During the faculty strikes in 2011 at the CSU East Bay and CSU Dominguez Hills campuses, there were no reported instances of retaliation against striking faculty members.  Still, it is important to understand your right to participate in a legal strike, free of retaliation.

It is a violation of the law for university officials to retaliate against you for participating in a legal strike.   

As an institution, the university would face legal sanctions for any retaliation.  Further, any individuals engaging in retaliatory activity also risk legal sanctions against themselves.

If someone acting in an administrative capacity retaliates against a striking faculty member, that administrator could be subject to disciplinary action.  It would be extremely risky for someone in an administrative position to retaliate against you.

What would constitute retaliation or the threat of retaliation?  As examples, retaliation could include threatening to withhold support for a sabbatical application, or implying that a Lecturer will not be reappointed to teach if they were to go out on strike.

If retaliation occurs, CFA will take all necessary actions to protect faculty members, including vigorously pursuing legal action against the CSU and the offending administrators.

Please contact CFA immediately if you believe that someone in an administrative capacity is threatening to retaliate against you, whether it occurs before, during, or after a possible strike.