Re-classification for Counselors on Temporary Contracts

Counselors are hired as SSP/AR I, SSP/AR II and SSP/AR III.  Probationary and permanent (tenured) Counselors are promoted in much the same way as teaching faculty.  After normally a six year probationary period, they go through the tenure and promotion process and move to an SSP/AR II.  After five years as an SSP/AR II, they are promoted to an SSP/AR III.  The process is generally consistent with the process that tenure track faculty go through.

However, Counselors hired on temporary appointments do not have the same structure.  Rather, Counselors on temporary appointments can request to be re-classified.  Article 12.30 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement explains the process:

12.30 A temporary counselor faculty unit employee or coaching faculty unit employee may request a classification review at any time during the appointment.  All such requests shall be made to the appropriate administrator.  Review criteria shall be based on the applicable classification standards for counselor faculty unit employees or coaching faculty unit employees.  Procedures for classification review shall be determined by the President.  The employee shall be notified in writing of the decision.  If the employee is granted a higher classification, the employee shall receive compensation at the higher rate retroactive to the first day of the pay period immediately following the submission of the classification request.  Decisions shall not be subject to the grievance procedure, but CFA may submit appeals of decisions for final and binding adjudication to a third-party neutral selected by the parties within 60 days of ratification of this Agreement.  Costs shall be borne equally by the parties pursuant to the side letter to be developed by the parties.

If you are a Counselor on a temporary appointment and are interested in being classified at a higher range, we recommend the following steps:

1.  Review the classification standards for Counselors.  If you meet the standards then:

2.  Request a classification review from your Counseling Center Director.  You may begin your request as:

Dear [Insert Director's name],

I have reviewed the Counselors Classification Standards and I believe I am performing the duties of an SSP/AR II [or III as appropriate].  Therefore, I am requesting a classification review pursuant to Article 12.30 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Please let me know what materials I need to provide.

If you have any problems, please contact your CFA campus representatives.