“Reopener” pay raise implementation
Negotiated by CFA earlier this year

Unit 3 faculty members will receive a modest General Salary Increase, retroactive to July 1, and CFA expects that you should see the base salary increase beginning with your December 1 pay statement.  Retroactive payments may arrive in a separate pay warrant.  Please note, however, that the actual payment is a function of programming at the state Controller’s Office and the implementation is in that office’s hands.

For more information about the reopener contract bargaining and this salary increase, please see the CFA FAQ about the increase at this link:

Negotiations for our new contract
The reopener salary increase was a renegotiation of the final year of our current contract.  We still have successor bargaining ahead of us for our new contract (negotiations begin December 12).  A high membership rate increases our clout at the bargaining table.  If you are not yet a CFA member, please send in a membership form soon, or send us an e-mail at for information on how to join.