Resolution in Support of Serie McDougal

Whereas the Academic Senate recognized Professor Serie McDougal specifically for the extraordinary contributions that he was making to the campus community through his work as interim director of the Black Unity Center and

Whereas Dr. McDougal was not renewed for his interim position despite not having been told that there were any problems with his tenure and therefore no opportunity to correct or address and possible discrepancies and given only the most perfunctory and informal of reviews at all and

Whereas the Academic Senate was in no way consulted in these actions nor the student groups, especially the BSU, that are most directly involved with and affected by Dr. McDougal’s tenure and

Whereas the Black Unity Center came out of protests about the status of Africana Studies in particular and the College of Ethnic Studies in general and therefore needs to be determined and evaluated in particular by the communities that led to its creation (none of which occurred) and

Whereas everyone recognizes that Dr. McDougal did an extraordinary job of bringing in speakers, organizing events and otherwise promoting and supporting black life and culture on this campus and

Whereas in the aftermath of dismissing Dr. McDougal no attempt has been made at explanation or redress either to himself or to other interested parties nor has the Center itself been allowed to flourish in his absence

Therefore be it resolved that the Academic Senate and the SFSU CFA chapter through this joint resolution ask that Dr. McDougal be reinstated.

Be it further resolved that Dr. McDougal be given all of the administrative support that he might require and that any possible conflicts be handled in a transparent and open manner for the good of the entire community and

Be it further resolved that the Black Unity Center be moved out from under control of student services and to a unit such as Africana Studies that better suits the needs and abilities of the center.