Resources for applying for unemployment benefits
Most Lecturers are eligible during summertime and Winter Break

Most Lecturers are eligible for unemployment benefits during the summertime and Winter Break and, depending upon the end dates in your appointment letter, you can apply for unemployment as soon as the semester officially ends.  If you have a Contingent or Conditional contract (this encompasses most part-time and some full-time Lecturers), it is your right to claim unemployment under state law.

CFA has resources, listed below and downloadable from this page, that can help with the process of applying for unemployment benefits.  

CFA Unemployment Rights Guide: The Unemployment Rights Guide contains detailed information about how to apply for unemployment benefits, the basis for eligibility for unemployment insurance, and what to do if your application for unemployment benefits is denied. 

Sample application for mail or fax: This is an example of what a completed application might look like.  (Your entries will differ, of course, depending on your situation.) If you have difficulty accessing the EDD on-line application, you have the option of submitting an application by mail or fax.