Results of the Lecturer Survey

Dear Lecturers,

We received 253 responses to the Equity for Lecturers Survey, far more than we anticipated.  Click here to read the Lecturer Survey results.  Thank you to all who completed it. The results, except those that might compromise anonymity, are included at the end.

Here are some of the highlights:

·      Lecturers express a love of teaching and of SFSU students.

·      Many lecturers are not given sufficient teaching resources to do their jobs. Many work in crowded offices, and some do not even have an office, a computer, a printer, a phone or access to a copier.

·      Many lecturers are deeply frustrated with what they perceive as abysmal pay, which was by far the top concern, followed by lack of job security, a back-breaking workload, demeaning work conditions and a lack of opportunity for advancement.

·      SFSU routinely fails to adequately inform lecturers about their employment terms, and HR is often unresponsive when lecturers seek information or help.

·      Many lecturers express dismay at feeling treated as disposable, second-class citizens of the campus community.

·      Lecturers want CFA to prioritize lecturer equality with tenure-line faculty through increased pay, equitable terms of employment, and increased tenure density with a clear, affirmative path to tenure for current lecturers.

The mission of the CSU is to provide high-quality education to our students. While lecturers do the majority of the teaching at SFSU, their working conditions are an obstacle to teaching. Lecturers are not paid enough, have insufficient job security, are treated like second-class employees, and are often not provided basic teaching resources. Equity for excellence should be our call to action!

In the summary below, we included a sampling of comments, highlighting those comments that were repeated most frequently.

In solidarity,

Ann Robertson, SF State CFA Liberal and Creative Arts Lecturer Representative; Sheila Tully, SF State CFA Lecturer Vice President; Nestor Castillo, SF State CFA Lecturer Representative At-Large; Brad Erickson, SF State Lecturer Representative, Liberal Studies; Steve Leikin, SF State lecturer Representative, History; Alan Moore, Lecturer, Philosophy Department.