Salary Equity program update
Implementation is a top priority for CFA

CFA chapter President Charles Toombs and President Hirshman announced earlier this semester that, upon ratification and approval of our new faculty contract, SDSU would move forward with a campus-based Salary Equity program. 

This campus-based Salary Equity program is an important supplement to the other salary increases in the new faculty contract.  It is a top priority for our campus CFA chapter.

President Hirshman and Charles Toombs have continued to discuss the parameters of the campus-based Equity program.  Faculty Affairs is putting together salary data so that we can prepare specific final recommendations regarding the procedures and criteria to be used in determining the Equity awards.  Once we have the data from Faculty Affairs in hand, our hope is that the campus-based Equity program can be finalized and implemented quickly.

Our new Collective Bargaining Agreement provides the authority for this campus-based Salary Equity program.  These Equity awards must address salary inversion (when new hires are brought in at higher rates of pay than longer-term faculty) and salary compression (an experience penalty against long-term faculty at the top of their salary ladder who are not eligible for progression).  Awards under the campus-based Salary Equity program will be in addition to both the new statewide Equity program and the other salary increases that are included in our new contract.

We will be sure to keep you updated regarding the implementation of the campus-based Salary Equity program.