SFSU Raises $3000 for Ethnic Studies Faculty in Tuscon
Overwhelming support for lawsuit defending Constitutional Rights

The first venue of the Save Ethnic Studies Campaign Tour sponsored by the CFA-Latina/Latino caucus was very successful and exceeded all our expectations. We had over 500 people attend the event and our coordinating committee raised over $3000 from a number of sources including the CFA chapter, Associated Students, Raza Faculty & Staff Association, local artist, Michael Rios, the CTA & NEA and, last, just passing a basket at the event. We focused our event to encompass Ethnic Studies generally and we had two local advocates for Ethnic Studies in San Francisco Unified School District. One of our panelists, Eric Mar, is a current Supervisor and he presented a proclamation from the City and County of San Francisco supporting the Save Ethnic Studies Campaign. Overall, the event was beautiful and very moving. We are working on channeling the energy for future support. Our coordinating committee included CFA members: Gilda Bloom-Leiva, Jason Ferreira and me (Brigitte Davila); Staff Counselor: Nicky Trasviña; and, students: Roshan Uranwala, Jessie Fernandez and Jiro Palmieri. Quite a power team – as it turned out.