Status of Faculty Strike
8 Days to go!

The faculty strike is only 8 days away, and we want to provide an update on where things stand.  

Here are recent developments:

-The report of neutral “Fact-Finder” was released publicly last week, and it was a home run for the faculty.  The Fact-Finder recommended, for the current contract year (2015-16), a 5 percent raise for ALL faculty, plus a 2.65 percent “step increase” for all eligible faculty. This endorsement of CFA’s salary proposal vindicates our long-held contention that the raise we are fighting for is fair and affordable. 

-Dozens of HSU faculty members are actively involved in pre-strike planning and volunteer efforts, and the majority of the Humboldt faculty have pledged their support for the strike.

-Public officials and the community are siding with us.  We have the support of the Assembly Speaker, the Senate Pro Tem, and dozens of other legislators, community organizations (most recently, LULAC, the oldest Hispanic civil rights organization in the country), every labor council in California — and this past week, the editorial board of The Sacramento Bee.

Despite all of the support noted above, ultimately what will make the faculty strike a success is the active backing of the faculty, and that means two things:

1) Faculty members withholding their labor on all days of the strike (April 13, 14, 15, 18, and 19), and

2) Visible and dynamic picket lines.

Sign-up for Picket Line shifts

Throughout this week, you will have the opportunity to sign up for shifts on the Picket Line. When you hear from your Department Strike Coordinator or receive a call from a faculty CFA volunteer, please sign up for a picket line shift for each day of the strike.  It will be an empowering and joyful experience. 

Fight for Five Strike meeting: Thursday

Join us on Thursday at an all-faculty Fight for Five Strike Meeting:

Thursday, 12:30-1:30pm, in Goodwin Forum (please note the change in venue)

We’ll discuss the plans for the strike, what to expect on the Picket Line, student support, and more.  To get in the Picket Line spirit, we’ll have materials for making picket signs! 

All faculty members are welcome to attend.  Lunch is provided by CFA.  

Strike FAQ available

A reminder that the CFA Strike FAQ document is available at this link:

It covers many common questions about the strike and is a good resource.