Strike and Bargaining Update
Fact-finding still on-going

We continue to fight for a 5 percent raise for 2015-16 for all faculty members, plus an SSI (“step increase”) for all eligible faculty.

CFA and the Chancellor’s Office are still engaged in Fact-Finding, the last step in the “statutory” collective bargaining process.  We do not have the legal right to strike until Fact-Finding is complete.  In mid-January, the two sides held another session to present evidence to the neutral third-party Fact-Finder.  Once all of the evidence has been presented, a Fact-Finding report will be developed, containing recommendations on how a settlement could be achieved.

We hope to gain our five percent raise at the bargaining table, but at this point we are also making plans for a possible strike sometime this semester.  This effort will require many hands, and you will hear from me in the coming weeks about how you can help in the strike preparations.