Strike syllabus statement and Wearing Red
Looking ahead to the Spring semester

Before the winter break begins, we want to touch base about two items relating to the first week of the Spring semester.

Wear RED the first week of classes

First, a reminder that we are asking faculty members to wear RED when we return for the first week of classes (Jan 19-22) to show that, despite the winter break, we have not forgotten about the Fight for Five.  If you would like a red t-shirt that reads, “I Don’t Want to Strike, But I Will,” please get in touch with the campus CFA office ( with your preferred t-shirt size.  

Wearing red is a small, symbolic act, and will indicate that faculty members are continuing the fight for a salary increase that is fair and within the ability of the CSU administration to provide.  (When classes begin in mid-January, we will likely still be engaged in Fact-Finding and will not yet have the right to strike.)

Statement for students on Spring syllabi

Many of you have asked about a statement regarding a possible strike that can be included on syllabi.  While it is not required, you may want to consider including a statement like this:

“The California Faculty Association is in the midst of a difficult contract dispute with management. It is possible that the faculty union will call a strike or other work stoppage this term. I will inform the class as soon as possible of any disruption to our class meeting schedule.”

It will be important to prepare our students if we are forced to take concerted action next semester.  No faculty member wants to hurt their students, but we know that the CSU’s disinvestment in instruction already takes a terrible toll on students.  The administration cannot say that they are putting students first when they consistently put faculty last.  

Best wishes for a happy and healthy winter break.