Strike Vote completed – Next steps
Faculty Rally on Nov 17

Now that the Strike Vote balloting is complete, we want to outline what comes next in our effort to gain a fair faculty salary increase.  In particular, this post will highlight the Strike Vote result announcement, the Faculty Rally on Nov 17 at the CSU Board of Trustees, legislative support, and the Fact-Finding process and how it affects the timing of any possible strike.

Strike Vote result

The Strike Vote result will be announced next Wednesday (Nov 4).  The sealed ballot boxes from the 23 CSU campuses are being shipped to Sacramento.  The paper ballots will be counted under the supervision of a neutral third party.  CFA is fighting for a 5% raise for all faculty members for 2015-16, plus an SSI (“step increase”) for all eligible faculty members.

Faculty Rally on Nov 17 at the CSU Board of Trustees

Faculty pressure is essential to achieving the 5% raise.  On Tuesday, November 17, each campus will send a large faculty contingent to the CSU Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach to rally for our proposed raise.  The Board of Trustees and Chancellor White need to see — in person — that faculty members will actually stand up and demand a fair salary. 

For SDSU faculty members, buses will depart campus at 8:15am on Nov 17, travel to Long Beach for the Faculty Rally, and arrive back at SDSU by 4:30pm.  Dozens of SDSU faculty members have already committed to participate.  CFA will provide transportation and food, and we will all enjoy the camaraderie that comes with standing strong with our colleagues.  It should be a great day and advance our efforts tremendously.

If you wish to participate on Nov 17 or want more details, please contact our campus office at

Gaining support of legislators

CFA campus and statewide leaders have begun meeting individually with state legislators to gain their written support for our efforts.  To date, over 20 legislators, including the Senate Pro Tem and the incoming Assembly Speaker, have written to Chancellor White in support of us.  Legislative pressure will be an important component to achieving a fair salary.

Fact-Finding process

Even if the announced result of the Strike Vote is “Yes,” we would not have the right to strike until after the Fact-Finding process is complete.  Fact-Finding is the last step in the “statutory” collective bargaining process.  In Fact-Finding, CFA and the Chancellor’s representatives meet with a neutral third-party Fact-Finder.  Together with a representative from each bargaining team, the neutral third party writes a Fact-Finding report that recommends how a settlement could be achieved.  A Fact-Finder was recently appointed, though the parties have yet to meet with the Fact-Finder.

We will keep you updated on developments in the fight for a 5% salary increase.