Strike Vote Result
94.4% YES

The results of the faculty Strike Vote were announced this morning.  

94.4% YES

In the Strike Authorization vote, 94.4% of those voting said Yes to authorizing the CFA Board of Directors to call a strike.  The vote took place October 19-28.  Ballot boxes were shipped to Sacramento last week from the 23 campuses.  The paper ballots were counted under the supervision of a neutral third party.  Thank you to all who voted and for the overwhelming show of unity.

Is a strike inevitable?

Unfortunately, we have recently learned that the Chancellor’s top labor relations advisors believe — mistakenly, in our view – that faculty members will not act.  In short, they believe that faculty members will vote, but will not actually show up on a picket line when it counts.

This makes our Nov 17 Faculty Rally at the Board of Trustees meeting all the more important.  The Chancellor and Trustees need to see — first-hand — that faculty members will show up and act.  This is the best way to compel the Chancellor to begin negotiating in a serious way.

Many of you have confirmed that you will participate on Nov 17.  We are all busy and all have full schedules, and we are deeply appreciative to those who are making the time to attend.  

If you are still considering attending, let us underscore how important a strong faculty presence will be in deterring a possible strike.  

Thank you to our volunteers!

A special thank you to the dozens of faculty volunteers on our campus who collected pre-vote commitment cards, reminded colleagues to vote, staffed our polling place, made our Informational Picketing run smoothly, and much more.  Your commitment will bring us success in our Fight for Five and in changing the Chancellor’s priorities so that he places more value on our work as educators.