Students end hunger strike, proclaim victory

Students End Hunger Strike

California State University students who engaged in a week-long hunger strike over soaring tuition and high executive pay have ended their fasts.

The dozen students at six campuses convinced CSU to consider one of their demands: extending free speech areas.

Members of Students for Quality Education (SQE)—who organized support for the hunger strikers—said they believe the action lent a voice to the 40,000 students who have been turned away from the CSU due to lack of priorities and mismanagement of funds.

“We are committed and ready to continue exposing the corruption that exists under Reed’s leadership. If we don’t stand up and do something about it, the door to a public CSU can be closed forever,” affirmed Natalie Dorado, a hunger striker from CSU San Bernardino.

SQE has gained immense support from other students, faculty, staff, and parents of future college students and will be reaching out to state legislators to work on putting their criticisms of Chancellor Reed’s leadership into concrete changes within the CSU structure.

SQE is a statewide student group on 18 CSU campuses founded by students in 2007. SQE is committed to building a statewide student movement to address the educational injustices and attacks on students, faculty and staff in the California State University system. Learn more about the group at: