Students, faculty rally against Cal State cuts
San Bernardino County Sun - May 10, 2011

Students, faculty rally against Cal State cuts

Ryan Hagen, Staff Writer

Posted: 05/10/2011 04:41:29 PM PDT

SAN BERNARDINO – Student and faculty groups rallied Tuesday at Cal State San Bernardino in support of Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget proposal, saying Republican plans to cut funding for higher education – in order to avoid extended tax increases – would lock many students out of a better life and hurt the overall economy.

“Higher fees, faculty furloughs and impacted enrollment have devastated this campus already,” said Sean Phillips, a senior at the university who was one of four speakers at the 20-minute event. “Higher (education) historically has been the gateway to a better life in California. Now budget cuts are closing that path.”

More than 75 students gathered to watch the speeches, organized as part of a week of events by five statewide and local organizations, including the California Faculty Association and Students for Quality Education, the CSUSB branch of a group that exists at many California State University campuses.

The rally came hours after CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed released a plan to handle $1billion in potential cuts, which he said could require increasing fees 32percent and turning away an additional 20,000 qualified applicants.

The group appealed specifically to state Sen. Bill Jerry Brown,” Emmerson said Tuesday, “but the public employee unions would not allow the people the right to vote on a spending cap to rein in out-of-control spending  and crucial pension reform to end abusive pension practices.”, 909-386-3916