Students hold hunger strike, demand fee-hike moratorium

Students on Hunger Strike

A group of 13 Cal State University students from six campuses continue their hunger strike to protest tuition hikes, enrollment caps and cuts of other services and programs.

The students, who began the action last Wednesday, are calling for the CSU Trustees to agree to a five-year tuition freeze, administrative pay cuts, more free speech rights on campuses and the elimination of housing and car allowances for the system’s 23 presidents.

Fullerton graduate student David Inga, 22, said he is participating in the hunger strike because the CSU’s leaders have largely ignored previous marches, sit-ins and other student protests.

“Our backs are against the wall. That’s why we need to take such a drastic measure,” he said. “Since I started as a freshman at Fullerton, I’ve seen outrageous increases in student fees. Trustees are extremely disconnected with the reality that students are now facing.”

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