Talking with students about the Faculty Strike
Student FAQ available

It is important that students know the issues at stake in a faculty strike.  Many students have marched with us at our events and spoken out in support of us, but many others are unfamiliar with the facts.  We encourage all faculty members to discuss the faculty strike with their students.

CFA has prepared a helpful Student FAQ flyer.  We can provide hard copies to you (just let us know how many you need) and it is also available at this link:

The Student FAQ highlights some of the key reasons behind our fight for a five percent raise for 2015-16:

-Stagnant Salaries: HSU faculty members have lost nearly $13,000 in purchasing power since 2004.  Our salaries are not even keeping up with inflation.

-Salary disparities:  Our salaries have not kept pace with faculty salaries at UC and community colleges. Their salaries increased, in real dollars, since 2004, while ours declined. Even K-12 educators are receiving increases of 5% or more in their latest contracts.

-The CSU can afford it: The Chancellor has made NO claim at the bargaining table that the CSU cannot afford CFA’s salary proposal.  Even after the state added $97 million to the CSU budget, the Chancellor’s team would not move from 2%.

The student FAQ also addresses whether student fees need to increase as a result of a faculty raise. (Short answer: No.)  

To be clear, faculty members are certainly permitted to discuss the strike and the issue of faculty pay with students, and with anyone else, for that matter.  Students will have questions, and you are free to provide answers.  (And, of course, students are welcome to join us on the picket line.) 

The Chancellor cannot claim to put students first when he puts faculty last — and our students understand this.

Please let us know how many copies you need of the Student FAQ flyer and we will get them to you right away.