Talks on Faculty Contract resume this week

CFA’s Bargaining Team will be back at the table with the Chancellor’s Office negotiators this Thursday and Friday.

The resumption follows a brief hiatus marked by a Trustees meeting. During this time, CFA Officers and Bargaining Team members have gone to the campuses for Bargaining Update Meetings where they laid out for CFA members the issues that still need resolution in order to settle the faculty contract.

Those Update Meetings continue at more campuses.

At the Trustees meeting last week, four faculty members made compelling presentations describing the difficult and unfair circumstances created by the CSU’s unhealthy salary structure as well as by excessive workload.

The salary structure problems, they explained, are exacerbated by ongoing campus-level decisions to lowball newly hired faculty and to stall progression of all faculty members through the salary steps.

“We saw clearly that the Trustees and other CSU executives at the meeting this month paid careful attention to what our faculty members told them,” says Andy Merrifield, chair of CFA’s Bargaining Team. “We hope that that attention will translate into appropriate progress toward a fair contract this week.”