Tell CA lawmakers: Reinvest in the CSU!

Dear Colleagues,

Please take a moment to send an email (see below) to legislators urging them to fight to increase CSU funding. Feel free to include your own examples of some of the ways that defunding the CSU has affected your students.


    In solidarity,


    Sheila R. Tully


    Chapter President


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May 19, 2017


Dear Colleague,


The CSU needs your help.


Despite the CSU having requested a $325 million augmentation to its 2017-18 budget, Gov. Jerry Brown failed to increase the allocation in his May revise to the state’s spending plan. In fact, he decreased the CSU’s augmentation by $4 million.


We are strongly urging legislative leaders and our state Assemblymembers and Senators to fully fund the $325 million augmentation. This is critical funding that the CSU needs to maintain programs, hire faculty, and stave off 5% tuition hikes for our students. There is still time to fix this as final revisions to the budget are being negotiated. Now is the time to make your voice heard.


Take action now! Please take a minute to send an email to your legislators today, and encourage them to fight for the CSU, and for legislation that would thwart the tuition increase and improve tenure density in our university system. Click here for more information about CFA’s legislative agenda. 


It’s time for the state to reinvest in the People’s University, and in us.


Click here to send a message today.


In Solidarity,


The California Faculty Association



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