Tentative agreement and new pay raises
Raises totaling 6 percent to all faculty members

We want to make sure that you received this week’s good news:  CFA has reached a Tentative Agreement with the CSU administration that will extend our current contract for two years.

The agreement brings raises totaling 6 percent to all faculty members.  Just as important, the agreement maintains our current benefits — including our health care, pension, and retiree health care — with no increases to employee contributions.

This agreement is the continuing result of the hard work and support last year of over 1000 SDSU faculty members (and many thousands more throughout the CSU) during our Fight for Five.  It shows what we can accomplish when the Chancellor knows that we are unified.

The full details of the agreement are outlined, below, in the message issued by CFA’s Statewide President Jen Eagen.  

We will follow-up soon with details on the CFA membership vote to ratify the agreement.  While ratification may seem like a formality, a strong vote and turnout is an important part of showing the Chancellor that the faculty remains engaged, committed, and unified.  Along these same lines, a high CFA membership rate sends the same message to the Chancellor.  Over 75% of tenured/tenure-track faculty members and long-term Lecturers are CFA members; we will be reaching out prior to the ratification vote to invite the non-members to join CFA.


Message announcing tentative agreement, from CFA Statewide President Jennifer Eagan:

Dear Colleagues,   

CFA and CSU management have reached a tentative agreement on a two-year extension of the current contract. Upon the unanimous recommendation of CFA’s Bargaining Team, the California Faculty Association’s Board of Directors has voted unanimously to send the tentative agreement to a vote of the membership.   

The tentative agreement includes a total of 6% in salary increases over the course of the two-year extension: 

A 3.5% General Salary Increase effective November 1, 2018 for all faculty on active pay status or on leave.

A 2.5% General Salary Increase effective July 1, 2019 for all faculty on active pay status or on leave.   

Additional provisions of the tentative agreement include: 

-Our benefits will be maintained with current contract language. This includes healthcare, pension, retiree healthcare, and even parking. They stay in place as they are, and our employee contributions will not increase. 

-The current contract will be extended to June 30, 2020.

-The Reduction in Instructional Assignments for New Probationary Faculty, secured in 2014 and scheduled to expire on June 30, 2018, will be extended to June 30, 2020. 

-The Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students, secured in 2014 and scheduled to expire on June 30, 2018, will be extended to June 30, 2020. 

-CFA and CSU management agree to a form a joint working group to consider changes to the contract provisions on Intellectual Property and Academic Freedom. 

-No changes will be made to the agreement unless the parties reach agreement on both issues. 

-CFA and CSU management will form a joint working group to review salary structure issues during the period of the contract extension. 

-CFA and CSU management agree to issue a joint statement expressing our commitment to work together to secure the funding that our public university needs to fulfill its mission under the California Master Plan.

This tentative agreement extending the contract is the result of the fierce and smart activism on the part of the faculty during the Fight for Five in 2016. These continued gains show the long-term effects of the work faculty have done to advocate for quality education for our students and decent salaries and benefits for ourselves and our families. 

This contract extension provides all CSU faculty with a salary increase that keeps up with inflation, protects our benefits with no takeaways, preserves recent gains on workload as well as other provisions in our current contract, such as sabbatical leave and FERP.    

The proposed working groups will allow for labor and management to discuss the critically important issues of salary structure, academic freedom, and intellectual property during a time of labor peace and apart from the atmosphere of a contract fight. In addition to protecting the fundamental academic rights of faculty members, CFA will attempt to work with CSU management to find long-term solutions to our broken salary structure that has resulted in stubborn inequities in pay, range, and rank. 

Information about the voting process will be included in subsequent email.   More information about the tentative agreement, including answers to frequently asked questions, is available at this link:

Finally, keep in mind that CFA members, and only CFA members, will vote on ratification of this tentative agreement. The contract will be ratified if 50% plus one of the members voting approve. A strong showing in voting expresses the importance we place on the issues that affect our careers, our working lives, and the university itself.   

If you or a faculty colleague you know is not a CFA member, we urge you to join CFA so that you can participate in this vote. If you are uncertain whether you are a member, contact your campus CFA Chapter, or simply fill out a CFA Membership Application form online or in print.   

We thank every one of you who has worked so hard to secure this excellent contract. Our work is not over. We have a profession to defend and a great public university system to preserve. We invite you to join us in the next steps.   

In Union,

Jennifer Eagan, CFA President, 

on behalf of the CFA Bargaining Team and Board of Directors