Tentative Agreement on new faculty contract

We are pleased to share the news that a Tentative Agreement was reached last night on a new faculty contract.  The agreement will be a good first step in providing much needed salary increases to faculty members.  A statement from CFA’s Bargaining Team is copied below.  

Thank you to the hundreds of faculty members who signed letters to President Hirshman in recent weeks.  This and other actions were noted by the Chancellor’s lead negotiator and helped to show the CSU administration that faculty members were willing to stand up for a fair contract.

CFA will host a campus meeting to outline the agreement, and the full text of the Tentative Agreement will soon be available on-line.  As soon as details become available, we will provide information on the campus meeting, the on-line link to the Tentative Agreement, and the process for a faculty ratification vote.


Statement from the CFA Bargaining Team:

The CFA Bargaining Team is pleased to announce that late last night (Wednesday, October 15) we reached a tentative agreement with management negotiators for the California State University.  Today, the CFA Bargaining Team voted unanimously to recommend that the Board of Directors forward this tentative agreement to the membership with a recommendation to vote “yes” for ratification.

The agreement has many positive gains for all faculty members in our system and will, we believe, enhance our ability to provide quality public higher education to our students.  

After years of economic drought, our salary package not only starts us down the road to recovery but will get some much needed raises to hardworking faculty within months. The agreement provides first that all faculty will receive a General Salary Increase. In addition, there is a system-wide Equity Program aimed at addressing inversion and compression. The package also includes a Salary Recovery Adjustment for tenure track faculty whose salaries are below the SSI maximum, temporary faculty with 3-year contracts whose salaries are below the SSI maximum, and coaches with 6 or more consecutive years of service whose salaries are also below the SSI maximum. The agreement also fixes misclassification of lecturers who have languished in extremely low paid salary ranges.

For years two and three of the contract we will reopen negotiations to discuss salary again. This reopener provision allows us to use our economic weapon, strike, if we are unable to reach an agreement with CSU management.

While we know that economics are uppermost in people’s minds, we also are pleased that the Tentative Agreement has improvements to address other areas that are important to our lives. For the first time, we have gotten the administration to recognize that we have all been suffering from growing demands for work in scholarship, service and teaching.  We have agreement from the CSU to invest money in several faculty administered workload relief programs including one designed to begin addressing the specific needs of probationary faculty. In addition, the program will serve more senior folks whose service and teaching loads qualify them for some relief. This is the first time we have been able to negotiate any workload assistance. While it will not solve all of the problems, it is a solid beginning which we hope can be enhanced in the years to come.

These are just a few important highlights of this agreement. Beginning next week we will be providing much more detail for our members. The Tentative Agreement in its entirety will be posted on our website; officers and members of the bargaining team will be traveling to campuses to describe the agreement and answer questions.  The next step will be a ratification vote by our members.  More information will be forthcoming on that process.

The Bargaining Team worked long and hard on this agreement, but all of us know that we could not have reached a resolution without the time, energy, effort and unity of our colleagues on each of the 23 campuses.  Congratulations to all of you who participated in demonstrations, who wrote messages to your presidents, and who took the time to attend and speak at the Board of Trustees.  We could not have reached this agreement if we had not all stood together in this fight.