Timeline: CSU Counseling Centers
Mental Health Crisis Awareness and Inaction

December 2004 – Adam Ojakian takes his life while attending UC Davis. Adam’s father, Victor Ojakian, begins statewide campaign to increase mental health services on college campuses.

2006 – UC Regents vote to increase student registration fee and double the number of mental health counselors on UC campuses.

April 7, 2007 – Virginia Tech Massacre, 32 dead, 17 injured.

February 14, 2008 – Northern Illinois University shooting, 5 students dead, 17 injured.

2007-2008 – The Association of University College Counseling Center Directors Annual survey reveals national increases in counseling center budgets to address increase in mental health demands.

March 2009 – CSU Select Committee on Student Mental Health Services convenes with a charge to survey, collect and analyze campus data on mental health services provided to students.  CSU promised this committee that recommendations would be funded.  No additional funding for mental health services was provided. In many CSU campuses funding sources were reduced and eliminated (general fund dollars).

May 2010 – CSU Select Committee on Student Mental Health Services Report delivered to CSU Board of Trustees. Contains 8 recommendations. Does not recommend hiring more counselors despite need documented in report (

October 2010 – CFA Council for Affirmative Action Resolution to Address Dearth of Counseling Resources at CSU campuses.

October 21, 2010 – CFA Counselor’s Committee Response to the CSU Select Committee Mental Health Report

December 2010 – Executive Order 1053: Policy on Student Mental Health was issued:  The order provides for CSU to develop and communicate systemwide policies and procedures and/or guidelines for mental health services to matriculated students. Mandates that mental health services must be provided on each campus but does not speak to mandating appropriate staffing levels. (

Mar 11- April 14, 2011 – CSU Faculty and staff RFA proposal authored for 6.9 million CalMHSA mental health prevention funding. Proposal is accepted with revisions June 2011.

July 2011- June 2014 – CalMHSA grant start and end dates. All services created must be delivered within this timeframe.

Sept 2012- CALMHSA prevention program delivered on some campuses (e.g., Mental Health First Aid Training, Red Folder Program). Lag time due to Chancellors Office decision to hire an administrator to oversee this program. Deliverables proposed in grant were ready to launch June 2011.

January 22-23, 2013 – System-wide and campus-wide Student Mental Health Services Report made to BOT: Brags about prevention efforts, ignores that treatment needs have not been increased of staffed sufficiently.

March 16-1, 2013 – Academic Senate Resolution AS-3123-13/AA (Rev) Enhanced Support of Student Mental Health and Counseling Services, approved unanimously by the Academic Senate of the California State University,

April, 2013 – Resolution in support of Tenure Track Faculty Staffing of University Counseling Centers in the California State University System passed by the California Faculty Association

December, 2013 – Resolution in support of mental and emotional health of CSU Stanislaus students approved of by Stanislaus State Faculty Senate.

April, 2014 – CSU San Bernardino Faculty Senate passes policy prohibiting the overscheduling of counselors to remedy current excessive workload demands.

July 28, 2016 – Analysis of Model Practices for Tenure and Tenure Track Counseling Faculty Report delivered to Student Affairs and Enrollment Management at San Francisco State University.

Nov 16-17, 2016 – IACS Site Visit Report of a CSU Counseling Center notes it is dangerously overbooked and understaffed with a student to counselor ration of 1:5550 students (available through public records request). Similar results can be found in any IACS review of CSU counseling centers.

May 2017 – San Francisco State Faculty Senate unanimously approves Resolution S17-363 In Support of and Commitment to Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) to Provide Quality Mental Health Services to SF State Students (

March 2018- The CSU Statewide Academic Senate passes a resolution calling on the CSU to hire more Counselors.