Update on the Fight for Five
Fighting for a five percent faculty raise

As the Fall semester winds down, we want to provide an update on the status of our Fight for Five – the effort to gain a 5 percent raise for 2015-16 for all faculty members, plus an SSI (“step increase”) for all eligible faculty.

Large and successful Rally at the Board of Trustees meeting

As a direct follow-up to the 94% YES Strike Authorization vote, CFA staged a huge rally at the November 17 Board of Trustees meeting in Long Beach.  Over 1000 faculty, students, community supporters, and labor allies converged on the CSU headquarters.  The rally increased the pressure on the Chancellor and the Trustees and sent a loud message (very loud, literally) that faculty members will stand up and be heard.  

We garnered tremendous statewide press coverage (never an easy task), and, perhaps more important, gained the positive attention of the elected officials attending the Trustees’ meeting.  In particular, the Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins spoke at our rally and was strongly supportive of our efforts.  We want to thank the 9 HSU faculty members who made the trip to Long Beach to participate in this important event.

Fact-Finding still on-going — likely to conclude in January

CFA and the Chancellor’s Office are engaged in Fact-Finding, the last step in the “statutory” collective bargaining process.  We do not have the legal right to strike until Fact-Finding is complete.  This past Monday, the two sides held a second (and likely final) session in front of the neutral third-party Fact-Finder.  At this point, a Fact-Finding report will be developed, containing recommendations on how a settlement could be achieved.  The Fact-Finding process will likely be completed some time in January.

January — Keeping up the momentum

As we know, we will achieve a positive outcome only if we keep up the pressure and fight for what is fair.   When we return for the first week of classes (Jan 19-22), we are asking faculty members to wear RED to show that, despite the winter break, we have not forgotten about the Fight for Five.  If you would like a red t-shirt that reads, “I Don’t Want to Strike, But I Will,” please get in touch by reply e-mail with your preferred t-shirt size.

Organizing Strike Coordinators

Ideally we will gain our five percent raise through the bargaining process, but at this point we need to begin planning for the possibility of concerted action.  Please let us know if you can be one of the Strike Coordinators for your department (the more the better).  This effort will require a large number of us to move out of our comfort zone and pitch in to help.

Earlier in this message, we thanked the HSU faculty members who traveled to Long Beach for the rally at the Board of Trustees meeting.  Dozens of others faculty members have participated in the Fight for Five throughout the semester — everything from attending our weekly Fight for Five meetings, to volunteering at our on-campus picketing, to collecting Commitment Cards.  And, of course, hundreds of you filled out those Commitment Cards and voted in support of fighting for a salary increase that is fair and within the ability of the CSU administration to provide.  To all of you, we appreciate your commitment and support.