Update on mediation and strike vote
How you can support the strike vote effort

CFA and the Chancellor’s Representatives met today and yesterday for mediation sessions in the ongoing contract bargaining process. Two more mediation sessions are scheduled for later this month. If the Administration and the faculty cannot reach agreement during this process, the next step in the “statutory” process is fact-finding.

Impasse over ‘Take-Back’ proposals
The Chancellor has pressed for a variety of ‘take-back’ proposals that would dramatically affect the quality of education faculty are able to provide. The changes sought by the Chancellor would increasingly move the CSU towards a “for-profit model.” Other demands from the Chancellor could lead to permanent reductions in our current salaries and benefits.

Plans for Strike Vote
Plans are proceeding for a vote of CFA members in mid-April on whether to authorize a strike. Balloting options will include both in-person voting and electronic voting. Details will become available as we get closer to the vote. The Strike Vote in April would authorize the CFA Board of Directors to call for two-day rolling strikes across all 23 campuses should Mediation and Fact Finding fail to yield a fair settlement.

In the meantime, you can add your name in support of the Strike Vote effort at this link:

If we want Chancellor Reed to prioritize the faculty and quality higher education, we need to show the Chancellor that faculty members are prepared to act.

We will be sure to keep you updated on the contract bargaining efforts.