Updates re pay raise and contract bargaining
Confirm your 3.5% pay raise

We hope the new semester is off to a good start.  We would like to highlight some key issues that CFA will focus upon this year and also let you know how you can contact us.

Confirm your 3.5 percent pay raise

First and foremost, check to make sure that the recent 3.5 percent pay raise has been properly applied to your pay warrant.  The raise took effect on July 1; it should have first appeared on your August 1 paycheck.  Given the hard work and support last year of over 1000 SDSU faculty members (and many thousands more throughout the CSU) to win the full package of pay raises, we want to be sure you take the next step and confirm that you actually received this most recent installment.  (From the salary agreement: “All Faculty Unit Employees on active pay status, or on leave, July 1, 2017 will receive a 3.5% General Salary Increase.”)  If you have questions about whether the 3.5 percent was applied correctly, you should contact HR and ask for a review of your salary history. (Our CFA chapter doesn’t have access to your payroll records.)

Bargaining begins for our new contract — Threats to Health Benefits and Pension

The first face-to-face bargaining sessions for our new contract take place next week.  Over the summer, the CSU administration and CFA released their “sunshine” proposals, indicating the areas where the two sides wish to negotiate.  Based on these “sunshine” proposals, our expectation is that the CSU will push for “take-backs” in a number of areas, including our health benefits and pensions.  As a faculty and as a union, we will need to put increased effort into protecting our health benefits, pensions, and other rights that we currently enjoy. 

We will host a Bargaining Information meeting for all faculty members on October 11, 12:00-1:30pm, with CFA Bargaining Team members on hand to provide a report on the opening bargaining sessions.  More details will be provided soon.

Protecting Academic Freedom

Threats to tenure and academic freedom are increasing, and whether you are in the sciences or humanities or another discipline, none of us are immune to these threats.  CFA will continue to fight for academic freedom on the policy level, in our contract bargaining, and, through our chapter Faculty Rights Committee, on an individual basis.

In the coming weeks, you will hear from us about each of these issues and our efforts to address them.

CFA campus membership growing

Our campus CFA membership rate has grown to nearly 75% for both tenured/tenure-track faculty members and long-term Lecturers.  Reaching this percentage is significant as we enter into contract bargaining, as a high membership rate increases our clout at the bargaining table.  If you are not yet a CFA member, a membership form will soon arrive in your mailbox and I hope you will join.

Contacting CFA for assistance

Please feel free to contact our campus California Faculty Association office at any time if we can provide assistance, whether on a contract rights issue or other matter.  Our campus CFA chapter has a Faculty Rights Committee, composed of faculty volunteers, and we are available to talk with faculty colleagues about individual situations and assist in resolving issues.  We can be reached at or x42775.

Best wishes for a healthy and productive semester.